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Residential Care

Family-Like Residential Care

Consider our residential care program at Crosswell Home for Children. Our campus is located on 28 acres in downtown Sumter, SC. Crosswell is licensed to care for 30 children birth through 21 years of age. 


Who we serve

We accept referrals from any concerned person who knows of a child in need of a safe, stable, Christian environment. There are many different reasons that children, youth, and families may seek our services. Some of these reasons may include the death of a parent or both parents, separation or divorce, financial crisis, homelessness, serious health problems, or the physical inability to care for a child. Other families may be experiencing chemical dependency or abuse issues.

At a Glance

  • Children live in roomy, family-style homes with live-in staff

  • Children have their own bedrooms, or share with a sibling

  • Children attend school and participate in extracurricular activities

  • Tutoring center staffed by licensed teachers

  • On-campus nurse ensures all children receive necessary medical care

  • Each child is assigned his/her own case manager to work with the whole family

  • A Comprehensive Care Plan is established with each family

  • Children can have regular visits and phone calls with family and loved ones 

  • Each child receives Independent Living training beginning at age 14 to help with the transition into young adulthood

  • We are a level 1 (low management) care facility


Daily life

Our children live in a family-like cottage environment, staffed 24/7 by loving cottage parents. All our children attend public school and are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. To help improve academic performance, we offer tutoring services with licensed teachers on campus. 


Children spend their summers at the pool, have frequent pick-up basketball games, work in the local community, and become involved in their schools through sports, clubs, and the arts. 


Like any home, our young people have rules and regulations to follow when they are with us. They do household chores, have homework time, participate in church, and go to community events.  We also use the time to teach them important life skills, build good work habits and money management, teach coping skills, and support them emotionally.

Take a virtual tour of our beautiful residential campus!

Our Campus

  • Three cottages with private rooms for up to 10 children, family-style living rooms, and a kitchen and dining room

  • A visitation center providing a comfortable, welcoming environment for families to visit. Includes 4 private visitation and counseling rooms, a large family living room, and a training room

  • Tutoring Center staffed by licensed teachers

  • Commercial size kitchen and dining hall for community meals together

  • Two basketball courts and a soccer field for pick-up games

  • Swimming pool

  • Outdoor playground and picnic tables

  • If I place my child with Crosswell Home, will you make a report to DSS?"
    We do not report parents just because they place their children with us. We would only make a report if we had significant safety concerns for the child which required a report.
  • When a child is placed with Crosswell Home, do parents lose custody to Crosswell Home or DSS?"
    No, we do not take custody of or involve DSS with the children privately placed in our care unless we have significant safety concerns for the children which necessitates making a report.
  • Do parents lose their right to make decisions about their children, including when they are discharged back home?"
    Parents are included in decision making for their children, and they can decide when they are discharged, unless Crosswell Home has safety concerns for the child or chooses to discharge the child for behavioral reasons.
  • What things does Crosswell Home consider when determining whether or not to place a child?
    We have to consider the safety of the children already in the cottage. Our cottages are family-like, and we accept children who can function in a home environment. We also try to ensure that we can adequately meet the needs of the child and the family, and that we are the best placement option available for that child.
  • Are most of the children there because they have been in trouble?
    No, children at Crosswell Home are not placed with us because of “bad” behavior, but because of outside circumstances that are beyond their control.
  • Is there any cost to the parents if their child is placed at Crosswell Home?
    No, the parents do not have to pay for the children to be placed here. All costs, including housing, food, and clothing are covered by the Home.
  • If a child is placed at Crosswell Home, can parents call and visit with them?"
    Yes, parents can call their children often at the cottage and can schedule weekend home visits or on-campus visits in our visitation center. Visits will need to be scheduled in advance around activities the children are involved in with the cottage or school.
  • Want to learn more about residential care at Crosswell Home?
    If you are interested in learning more about our residential care program, we encourage you to give us a call. We will schedule a consultation to discuss the application process and answer any questions you might have about residential care. Please contact our Executive Director, Jerry Allred, at (803) 778-6441 or
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